2012 Recap and Slides

The first EuroRVVV was a big success and we are grateful for the support of the EuroVis chairs and all attendees. The invited talks provided a good introduction to the topic and impulses for interesting discussions. Many aspects and challenges for the facilitation of reproducibility were discussed in the following panel. A consensus among the participants was the need for further pursuing the topic and establishing a related community platform. This could effectively result in a stimulus for the whole community and a faster propagation of new visualization approaches into relevant application areas.

We are also happy to provide the slides of the talks, which can be found with the program. The videos of the sessions will be uploaded soon, so stay tuned. Finally, we are even more happy to announce that there will be a EuroRVVV in 2013, co-organized by Robert S. Laramee, Mike Kirby, and Paul Rosenthal. Details will follow soon.