EuroRV³ 2016 Program Online

We are happy to announce that we have finalized the program of EuroRV³ and put together two half days of high-quality talks in the vibrant field between reproducibility of medical visualization techniques and reliability of visualization methods in clinical practice. The program can be found online at our webpage or as a Google Calendar. We wish you all a save trip to Groningen and are looking forward meeting you at the workshop.

PS: Don’t forget to register, the early bird deadline is May 15, at the EuroVis webpage.

EuroRV³ 2016 Submission Deadline Extended!

The submission deadline has been extended to March 4th due to popular demand!

EuroRV³ 2016 Keynote Speaker Confirmed

We are happy to announce that Dr. Javier Oliván Bescós, senior scientist at Philips Healthcare confirmed to give a keynote at the EuroRV³ workshop. The title of the talk will be: “Joint efforts of academia and industry in healthcare applications: the journey beyond the journal”. We are looking forward to see Javier in Groningen!

EuroRV³ 2016 Call for Papers Online

We have finalized the IPC and the call for papers for the fourth EuroRV³, which will again be held in conjunction with EuroVis, this year in Groningen, the Netherlands, June 6-7, 2016. This year’s workshop concentrates on reliability of medical visualizations and is subtitled “From Medical Visualization Concepts to Certified Applications”. We solicit short papers, which will be peer-reviewed in a one-stage process and electronically published in the Eurographics Digital Library. Submission deadline is February 26th, 2016 and submissions are handled through the SRM system. See the submission page for further details.

EuroRV³ 2016 Announcement

We are very happy to announce that EuroRV³, the international EuroVis Workshop on Reproducibility, Verification, and Validation in Visualization continues in 2016. The fourth edition will be co-located with EuroVis 2016 in Groningen, the Netherlands and take place on June 6-7, 2016. This year’s edition with the topic “From Medical Visualization Concepts to Certified Applications” will concentrate on sharing both positive and negative experiences that could be beneficial to the visualization community, especially regarding reliable visualization for medical applications. We will soon publish a call for contributions, so stay tuned and check our website

IEEE Vis Meetup – MeetRV3 – Outcome

We had a very inspiring and productive meetup about directions for further rewarding reproducibility in visualization. The audience was very diverse and discussed from very different viewpoints the possible directions in this regard. A collection of the findings and opinions of the meetup was collected in a common document. The organizers and a group of committed people will pursue the found directions and try to establish concrete methods for rewards in the future.

IEEE Vis Meetup – MeetRV3 – Today

Today we will have a meetup at IEEE Vis to develop a common sense of good reproducibility in our community with the title “MeetRV3: Towards a System for Rewarding Reproducibility in Visualization”. The meetup will take place in SALON 2 on the third floor at 12:30 pm. The goal of the meetup is to review and discuss efforts of other communities to promote reproducibility to come up with a common direction for the visualization community. We hope to find a consentient way to honor well-reproducible work and strengthen the community in its effort to establish a common culture of reproducibility.

IEEE Vis Meetup

There will be a meetup at this year’s IEEE Vis in Chicago, following the developments at EuroRV³ regarding reproducibility in visualization. The meetup will be held on Tuesday, October 27, at 12:30pm in SALON 2 and will facilitate discussions towards a system for rewarding reproducibility in visualization. We are looking forward to your input. All updates will be shared at

EuroRV³ 2015 Papers Online

The co-chairs of EuroRV³ 2015 thank all contributors and visitors of the workshop for making the event a great success with inspiring talks and long, intense, and productive discussions. This effort was a major step into establishing a common culture of reproducibility in the visualization community. All papers can be downloaded from now on in the Eurographics Digital Library.

EuroRV³ 2015 Program

We are happy to announce that the program of this year’s EuroRV³ has been finalized. We have put together two exciting half days for you, including 9 paper presentations, one keynote with the title “Multidimensional Projection: from Validation to Layout Enrichment” from Luis Gustavo Nonato, one capstone with the title “The Need for Reproducibility of Computer Science in Ophthalmology” from Rico Großjohann, and a concluding panel to discuss the current state and future directions of reproducibility, verification, and validation in visualization.