Opening keynote speaker confirmed!

We are thrilled to announce that Hans-Christian Hege, head of the Visual Data Analysis department at Zuse Institute Berlin, Germany, has agreed to give an opening keynote at this year’s EuroRV³ workshop.  The department performs research in visual data analysis and develops software such as Amira/Avizo, and Hans-Christian is known for many exciting contributions to research, not in the least to uncertainty visualization, which will be the topic of his opening keynote.

“Making Uncertainties Explicit”.

Abstract: Data comes either from measurements that directly capture properties of reality, or from simulations that provide properties of models that represent the parts of reality. All data, with a few exceptions, is subject to uncertainties. In the computational processes during data analysis additional uncertainties might creep in. When drawing conclusions from data, e.g. when testing hypotheses or making decisions, significant uncertainties need to be considered. In visualizations, such uncertainties should therefore be indicated or, if desired by the user, presented in detail. This requires two basic capabilities: (i) quantification of uncertainties and (ii) visualization of quantified uncertainties. The presentation discusses the different types of uncertainties and provides a brief overview of formal means of representing and quantifying uncertainties. It will be explained, how uncertainties propagate along the visualization pipeline and where additional uncertainties might slip in. Examples will be presented of how data afflicted with uncertainties can be visualized. Finally, various challenges in visually supported analysis of uncertain data will be discussed.

We are looking forward to start the EuroRV3 workshop with this great keynote by Hans-Christian in Brno!