EuroRV³ 2018 Keynote Speaker Confirmed!

We are very pleased to announce that Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Westermann, head of the chair for Computer Graphics and Visualization and one of the main drivers of the Visual Computing and Computer Games initiatives at Technische Universität München, Germany, has agreed to give a keynote at this year’s EuroRV³ workshop. One of the many exciting research topics that Rüdiger is working on uncertainty and Ensemble Visualization, and his keynote will be on this very topic:

“Ensemble Visualization – Visualizing the uncertainty that is represented by an ensemble of fields”.

Abstract: Each member of an ensemble simulation shows a possible occurrence of one or several physical fields, and domain experts are concerned with analyzing the uncertainty that is represented by these fields. Due to the sheer volume of such ensembles, their inherent spatial and temporal aspects, as well as the complex spatio-temporal relations between features in these fields, classical data mining and statistical analysis techniques become increasingly limited. While simple analysis tasks, like finding commonalities or differences at fixed locations in space and time, can be realized in an automated way, a meaningful and intuitive depiction of the uncertainty that is carried by an ensemble is challenging. When directional quantities and spatio-temporal relations between ensemble members have to be analyzed, the limitations of available techniques become even more severe and new approaches are required. In this talk I will shed light on the relation between ensemble and uncertainty visualization, and I will discuss a variety of visualization techniques for scalar- and vector-valued ensemble fields. This is followed by a summary of current and future challenges in ensemble visualization.

We are looking forward to hearing this exciting keynote by Rüdiger in Brno!