EuroRV³ 2015 Announcement

We are very happy to announce that EuroRV³, the international EuroVis Workshop on Reproducibility, Verification, and Validation in Visualization continues in 2015. The third edition will be co-located with EuroVis 2015 in Cagliari, Italy and take place on May 25-26, 2015. This year’s edition with the topic “Reproducibility in Practice” will concentrate on developing a good understanding of the value of reproducibility “in the wild” and why reproducibility is still often neglected in visualization research. We will discuss ways to achieve higher reproducibility and how conditions could be improved to overcome complications and pitfalls in this regard. In addition, it should be showcased how good reproducibility can be achieved and what efforts this takes. We will soon publish a call for contributions, so stay tuned and check our website